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April 20 - July 16 (Saturdays - Sundays) 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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Program Description

The Lean Six Sigma BlackBelt Online Training and Certification is a 22-day 4 hour per session. It is intended to develop leaders capable of propelling their respective organizations toward best-in-class status by reducing costs, improving cycle times, eliminating defects, eliminating variation, and significantly increasing customer satisfaction.

Who Should Attend:

  • TEAM LEADERS, SUPERVISORS, MANAGERS, LEADERS, AND PROFESSIONALS who would like to boost their career, learn new skills, and develop their problem-solving ability through Lean Six Sigma.
  • ENTREPRENEURS AND BUSINESS OWNERS who want to save money in fixing defectives products, streamline business processes, improve service delivery and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Achieve significant improvements in critical business processes.
  • Utilize statistical analysis software to draw valid statistical conclusions, depict relationships, analyze measurement systems, test hypotheses, design experiments, and apply statistical process control.
  • Manage more advanced Lean Six Sigma projects and serve as a leader and change agent for projects that span the enterprise.
  • Mentor and guide Green Belts and Yellow Belts in the completion of their projects.
  • Lead organization-wide improvement effort.

Voice of Customers

Thank you to Sir Ed for making our class more customized and personal. Your passion inspires me to be the next breed of Six Sigma leader and ambassador of innovation.

Engr. Nhelven Cuadra Goneda. LSSBB-T

Imagine a world where every company has its own (Lean Six Sigma) Black Belt to help businesses prosper and provide more jobs. I fell in love with Six Sigma 2 years ago when I came back to the Philippines and saw how some organizations fell short regarding process improvement and direction. All of these can be resolved using Six Sigma. Six Sigma has become my advocacy. Now a Black Belt graduate of DivergenZ triggers another meaningful journey as I take the road for Certification.

Being a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB) has helped me to achieve another milestone in my career during this pandemic.

Mary Joyce Doria, CLSSBB, CPA Business Transformation Manager

Few months after being CLSSBB, I landed a new role with the help of the skills I gained from the training and the technical skills honed in my Black Belt projects. All of which served as an advantage in getting my dream job. Investing in professional development is always worth it. Look for a Training Provider who will be your partner to harness your skills and help you achieve your goals. I can say that DivergenZ' Lean Six Sigma Black Belt package is worth every penny!"

I've never thought that Lean Six Sigma will be this broad yet exciting.

Maliv M. Elcano, CLSSGB Global Service Improvement Manager HCL Philippines

I would say it is worth the investment. It exceeded my expectations, and I've never thought that Lean Six Sigma will be this broad yet exciting. It is far more different from the company internal Lean Six Sigma learning systems; the Coaches have always been there for me all the way, even after the training. I was able to apply the techniques and methodologies I learned to do multiple projects at work and made me feel "Undisputed" and knowledgeable during project meetings and discussions.

Learning how to analyze and do hypothesis testing to validate and solve problems is an eye-opener for Business Analyst like me!

Pablito M. Durano Jr., Business Analyst

The program of DivergenZ for Green Belt was superb, DMAIC methodology was properly discussed and applied. The materials were structured carefully on each phase. The certification was worth it. Analyzing and doing hypothesis testing to validate and solve quality problems is an eye-opener as a business analyst. Learning Green Belt and be certified by DivergenZ significantly improves my knowledge of process improvements.

I am pretty sure that DivergenZ is the right one... It's worth my time and investment!

Engr. Joy Escalante, LSSGB-T Project Engineer Jumbo Philippines

Among all the training centers I looked for to take my Six Sigma training, I am pretty sure that DivergenZ is the right one. I did skip the YB training and went directly to Greenbelt training, I thought that would be a big disadvantage, but DivergenZ is very considerate. We had a fun and interactive class. The staff and instructors are very supportive from my inquiry phase up to our graduation, and for sure until I get my certification. It's worth my time and investment! Will I go to DivergenZ for my Black Belt? It's a BIG YES from me!

Systematic approach to information gathering, and superb feedback.

AK Maravillas-Diduro, LSSGB-T, Department Chair of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

I appreciated most the unconditional support of the mentors and coaches, systematic approach to information gathering, and superb feedback. I always feel it’s a win for me to take this certification despite my busy schedule. I learned lots of good and detailed information. The slides, videos and quizzes are a keepsake and excellent reference material going forward. I had a great time.

Training Inclusions

  • 88-HOUR TRAINING. Learn Lean Six Sigma Black Belt comprehensively and its truest essence.

  • SigmaXL Perpetual License - $299 value. A statistical tool you can use for your data-driven analysis and your little helper in working on your Six Sigma projects

  • FREE AND UNLIMITED PROJECT COACHING UNTIL YOU GET CERTIFIED (NO TIME LIMIT!). Our MBB will guide and coach you every step of your project - from the start until the end.

  • BE TRAINED BY AN MBB AND ASQ-CSSBB. Be trained by not just an MBB but a true practitioner with more than 15 years of actual work experience. Our MBB Ed Torno, and ASQ-CSSBB, is a true ASQ Certified (Trivia: There are only 13 Filipinos based in the Phils who are ASQ-CSSBB, and Ed is one of them!).

  • 2 AND MORE INSTRUCTORS. Learn not only from 1 but 2 and more from our Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Practionioners with years of experience headed by our MBB.

  • DIGITAL SIMULATION. Our student's favorite! Experience world-class Six Sigma simulation using our platform. Apply the concepts and complete a Lean Six Sigma project.

  • MODULES, TOOL, TEMPLATES AND EXAMINATION. Access to all our materials using our very own Learning Management System (LMS).

  • ACCESS TO LEAN SIX SIGMA ACTUAL PROJECTS. Find some gems in our pool of completed and actual projects from different industries and departments.

  • ACCESS TO LEAN SIX SIGMA PROJECT NAVIGATOR. A playbook created by our MBB to guide you in completing your Lean Six Sigma Project.

  • DIGITAL AND HARD COPY CERTIFICATE. Receive digital certification with badge powered by Blockchain Security Technology (world-leading data security technology) and hard copy certification.

Accelerate your career!

Build your confidence and the necessary skills to make a lasting change.

Course curriculum

    1. History of Lean

    2. Concept of Value

    3. 3Ms of Lean

    4. 5 Lean Principles

    5. 11 Types of Muda and its Examples

    6. Case Study

    1. History of Six Sigma

    2. Understanding Mura (Variation)

    3. Lean Six Sigma

    4. Lean Six Sigma Roles

    5. DMAIC Methodology

    1. Step 1: Identify Customer Needs

    2. Step 2: Develop Project Charter

    3. Step 3: Create High-Level Process Map

    4. Define Workshop

    1. Basic Statistics

    2. Step 4: Identify What and Where to Measure

    3. Step 5: Validate Measurement System

    4. Step 6: Develop a stratified Data Collection (X and Y)

    5. Step 7: Check Process Capabiity (Continuous, Count Data)

    6. Step 8: Check Process Normality (Continuous, Count Data)

    7. Step 9: Check Process Capablity

    8. Step 10: Confirm or Readjust the Improvement Objectives

    9. Measure Workshop

    1. Step 11: Identify Potential Causes

    2. Step 12: Analyze the Process to pinpount Non Value-Adding Activities (Process Door Approach)

    3. Step 13: Understand and Validate the Data (Data Door Approach)

    4. Step 14: Prioritize Causes

    5. Step 15: Update Data Collection Plan (X and Y)

    6. Step 16: Validate Causes thru Hypothesis Testing (Data Door)

    7. Analyze Workshop

    1. Step 17: Identify Solutions

    2. Step 18: Assess the Risk

    3. Step 19: Select Solutions

    4. Step 20: Organize Solution Deployment

    5. Step 21: Implement Solutions

    6. Improve Workshop

About this course

  • 53 lessons
  • 88 hours training
  • Project Coaching and Mentoring
  • SigmaXL Perpetual License - $299 value

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