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Program Description

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Training and Certification program is a 4-day introductory course (4 hours per session) that explains the fundamental aspects of Lean Six Sigma and the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) methodology and it's application to a variety of business processes.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who would like to boost their career, learn new skills, and develop their problem-solving ability through Lean Six Sigma.


  • To build a solid Lean Six Sigma foundation. 
  • To understand the “why” and “how” of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, tools, and processes.
  • To be able to communicate using Lean Six Sigma concepts and apply the knowledge to company goals.
  • To appreciate why and how Lean and Six Sigma methods are integrated into a single process improvement initiative.
  • To learn the five-step DMAIC model used to improve processes.

Customer Testimonials

Exceed my learning expectations!

Gerald Roxas, Entrepreneur

DivergenZ exceeds my learning expectations! The initial "assurance and define information" given to me by their team have elevated my curiosity to a more stable and solid ground of assurance and new-found learning during my inquiry days. Learnings enhanced me more to apply new skills, new approaches, new structures, and new systematized methodologies!

Unlocking my achievement with the right provider!

Jocelyn Fabian, HR Supervisor

I am beyond ecstatic to unlock this achievement with the right choice of provider - DivergenZ! I am thrilled to have found DivergenZ! I initially thought it would be hard to commit half days of my two weekends, but later, I realized these weekends were too short when you’re having fun learning something new.

Revolutionized art of Learning Lean Six Sigma

NelRyan Mendoza, Training Specialist

DivergenZ revolutionized the art of learning. From its modules down to its practical and engaging way of teaching Lean Six Sigma principles, approaches, and methodologies. I like the practical application of the Six Sigma tools. The sessions promote teamwork and actual analysis of the problem that will enable participants to develop correct solutions. It is very engaging, and you will surely appreciate the lessons and come to know them by heart!

Training was not overwhelming!

Shella May F. Villaluna, QA Manager

I would recommend DivergenZ Training and Consulting because the way they executed the training was not overwhelming. The topics were divided correctly and well discussed for easier understanding. There were lots of engaging activities which helped us learn the issues even more. Overall it was a fun and informative learning experience for me.

3 Complimentary Trainings

Professionally customized trainings to enhance your problem-solving skills and help you implement and complete Lean Six Sigma Projects.

  • Process Mapping Bootcamp

    Level-up your Process Mapping skills

  • 7 Quality Control Tools

    Rediscover the 7 QC tools and apply them to your workplace.

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt

    Learn the basic Six Sigma Concepts and prepare yourself to take the higher belt.

Training Inclusions

  • LIVE ONLINE INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING. Learn from our Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Practionioners with years of experience.

  • ATWORK APPROACH. Learn by understanding the concepts through practice and exercises.

  • MODULES, TOOL, TEMPLATES AND EXAMINATION. Access to all our materials using our very own Learning Management System (LMS).

  • DIGITAL AND HARD COPY CERTIFICATE. Receive digital certification with badge powered by Blockchain Security Technology (world-leading data security technology) and hard copy certification.

  • POST-TRAINING SUPPORT AND PROJECT ASSESSMENT. Receive complementary project review from experts.

  • BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY. Be part of our growing family that helps each other succeed and exceed their performance. BONUS: Be the first to learn about the latest news, promos, free trainings, and more!

Accelerate your career!

Build your confidence and the necessary skills to make a lasting change.

Course curriculum

    1. Lean Fundamentals

    2. Lean Principles

    3. Types of Waste

    4. 6S

    1. What is Six Sigma?

    2. Six Sigma Philosophy

    3. Why Six Sigma?

    4. Six Sigma Fundamental Equation

    5. Project Levels and Sources

    6. Types of Savings

    1. Lean vs. Six Sigma

    2. Convergence of Lean and Six Sigma

    1. Step 1: Identify Customers

    2. Step 2: Develop Project Charter

    3. Step 3: Understand High-Level Process Map

    4. Sample Project Charters and SIPOC

    5. Define Phase Workshop

    1. Step 4: Determine What to Measure - Process Map

    2. Steph 5: Develop Data Collection Plan

    3. Steph 6: Display Baseline Data

    4. Measure Phase Workshop

    1. Step 7: Identify Potential Causes - Fishbone Diagram and 5-Why

    2. Step 8: Prioritize Causes - Multi-voting and Pareto Chart

    3. Step 9: Validate Causes - Scatter Diagram

    4. Analyze Phase Workshop

About this course

  • 34 lessons
  • 16 hours training
  • Project Simulation

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