June 30, 2021

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.”

- John Heywood, English playwright

We currently live in a fast-paced world, and we mean that almost literally. You can send money instantly, even to those who are geographically away from you. With a click, you can purchase anything anywhere. With a press of a button, you are transported to different worlds through entertainment. However, not everything can be done quickly. Some things require patience, persistence, and steady progress. One of these is learning; that is, learning and doing Lean Six Sigma.

Much like Rome, any Lean Six Sigma project takes time; if any Lean Six Sigma project takes time, then so does the training that comes before it. Quality is important much more than speed when it comes to the training. 

Why choose quality over speed in Lean Six Sigma Training

In this article, we enumerate why professionals should look for quality Lean Six Sigma training instead of speedy ones.

  • There is no ‘one-size-fits-all solution in Lean Six Sigma projects.

  • Lean Six Sigma projects do not complete themselves overnight.

  • Lean Six Sigma certifications and projects demand actual skills.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all solution in Lean Six Sigma projects.

When you solve Lean Six Sigma projects, you will find out that no solution or process improvement plan comes twice. Each problem has its eccentricities and so do the solutions. Because there is no “template” by which project managers can solve their organizations’ problems, coming up with solutions and improvement plans takes time; in turn, training to come up with these solutions. Yes, there is the DMAIC methodology, but no two solutions are the same up to the very last digit. Thus, intensive training is needed, such as time, patience, and hard work.

Lean Six Sigma projects do not complete themselves overnight.

Practicing Lean Six Sigma in a non-Lean Six Sigma-cultured company can be tough, and even if the company culture is used to practice Lean Six Sigma, projects do not complete themselves overnight. They take time from Defining project goals & customer (internal & external) deliverables, Measuring the process to determine current performance, Analyzing and determine the root cause of the defects, Improving the process by eliminating defects and Controlling future performance and it only makes sense that training to get them completed also takes time! Speed is less important than the quality of the project’s planned results - at least most of the time.


Lean Six Sigma certifications and projects demand actual skills.

Lean Six Sigma and related skills like project management and design thinking demand comprehensive training with real-life Lean Six Sigma practitioners. Being mentored by actual Lean Six Sigma practitioners is one of the best ways to gain actual skills as their wisdom, best practices, and practical lessons can be passed on to their students.

Additionally, putting these lessons into use through simulated projects will help build learners’ confidence in practicing Lean Six Sigma in the actual workplace. Teamwork is also fostered, along with acknowledging and understanding that Lean Six Sigma projects cannot be done by a single person alone. Because of these, Lean Six Sigma trainings demand a certain period of time from anyone who wishes to make changes in their organization through Lean Six Sigma.

Speed is not everything when it comes to Lean Six Sigma projects, and the same goes with Lean Six Sigma training programs. Lean Six Sigma training needs time and patience, and with DivergenZ, hard work and teamwork. When you put in the time needed, you will most likely get the results you want and look forward to! 

Get your Lean Six Sigma training from a trusted training provider who will provide you with the skills needed for the job and the confidence to deliver the right results. With DivergenZ, you are assured that you can apply Lean Six Sigma in practice through group works and individual assignments. Plus, our coaches are real-life Lean Six Sigma practitioners from different industries - making our training courses more inclusive and comprehensive no matter where you come from!

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