April 9, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide in early 2020, schools and training providers offering classroom and face-to-face training are shutting their doors. The current health crisis obliged most education systems to adapt and move to online activities to allow education and learning to continue despite school closures.

The new learning approach received mixed responses from students. Their attitudes and dispositions evolve mainly on online classes' effectiveness compared to the classroom experience and their psychological response - their focus and motivation to learn and finish a course.

Just like a normal student wanting to upskill themselves but still trying to adapt to the new learning system, Mr. Richard "Bench" Benson felt hesitant at first to enroll in DivergenZ to help gain his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Bench, a Lean Six Sigma expert for one of the country's biggest telecommunications companies, know he still has a lot to learn about the discipline. Despite some hesitations, his desire to learn upskill himself took over despite, and he just took that leap! Bench enrolled himself in DivergenZ's Batch 1 of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training and Certification in June 2020 under Master Black Belt (MBB) and ASQ-Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Ed Torno.

His experience studying under MBB Ed Torno chanaged the way he viewed Lean Six Sigma and the online training:

  • Lean Six Sigma is a technical topic, but having a trainer who has a solid LSS background helps a lot. Lean Six Sigma is a technical subject that involves analysis, computation, and critical thinking. Having Ed as a trainer helped make the training easy as possible. With his years of experience as an MBB in different industries, he knows how to apply LSS at work and not just by the book. He explained the technical and complicated content in a way that is easily understandable and relatable to everyday life and work.
  • Online training is effective given the right platforms. DivergenZ invested in different technology and platforms to make the learning experience more comprehensive and provide a better training experience.
  • Training Application. Despite doing it online, the practical approach of teaching was and is always there. With the DivergenZ Digital Simulation platform, learners can experience how a Six Sigma Black Belt project works. 
  • Support from family, friends, and the training provider. Different forms of support from families and teachers, including family emotional support and teacher enthusiasm, are important for developing positive attitudes towards learning and motivation to finish the course.

Even after the training, Ed guided Bench every step towards the completion of his project. This is where Bench saw the most value for this investment and courage to take on the Lean Six Sigma journey. As DivergenZ student, he was not left alone to fend for himself; Ed accompanies them to complete their project.

Mr. Benson earned his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification last February 18, 2021. He completed his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project, "Enterprise Process Improvement of IT Assets' Life Cycle," which saved his company PHP 59 million as verified by its Finance and Benefits Realization Committee.

What to takeaway

Successes in the discipline came from taking that first step: overcoming limiting belief systems - both professionally and personally. You don't have to take that first step alone, though; we are here to help.