January 12, 2022

You've heard about the benefits of having Lean Six Sigma certifications: better problem-solving skills, getting noticed by companies and recruiters, added credibility, and many more. These are all good, but is there career progression if you gain a Lean Six Sigma certification and training? Here's a true story of John Matthew "Hyde" Martinez - an IT professional.

The Starting Point

Hyde started his career as a Service Desk Analyst Agent in a software solutions company. He has been in the same position for 8 years. His tenure in the same position made him rethink his knowledge and skills and how to better solve problems relating to his job. Last 2020, Mr. Martinez took it upon himself to broaden his knowledge and skills by enrolling in DivergenZ's Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt online training and certification.


Completing the Certifications and the Turning Point

After gaining his Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, Mr. Martinez enrolled in DivergenZ's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online training and certification. After updating his curriculum vitae/ resume to include his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and despite still working on his Black Belt project to be fully certified, he immediately received job offers from 4 different companies, to his surprise.


After working as a Service Desk Analyst Agent, Hyde accepted a job to be a Service Desk Supervisor to apply his Lean Six Sigma knowledge and skills. He is also working as a Systems Manager as a consultant; both roles are earning him a 6-figure salary.

The Role of Lean Six Sigma in Career Progression

Lean Six Sigma nurtures skills that are in demand in today's market. According to the World Economic Forum Report 2020, in the next five (5) years, 60% of companies will look at their employees and prospective candidates' problem-solving skills. Lean Six Sigma's problem-solving methodology - called the DMAIC Methodology - is one of the most useful problem-solving tools and skills that a modern professional can have today. In fact, according to The Fortune Magazine, 70-90% of Fortune 500 companies are looking for Six Sigma professionals!
John Matthew

This is why getting trained in Lean Six Sigma will be a significant accelerant of one's career. The jobs available in the market today demand the skills that only Lean Six Sigma can develop.


We're proud of our students like Hyde Martinez, who took charge of their career growth! We're proud of the next breed of Lean Six Sigma professionals that our team is nurturing. The career acceleration that Lean Six Sigma brings to our students is proof that the discipline has a lot of potential in the country. It is our advocacy for Filipinos to look at Lean Six Sigma as the go-to strategy when solving problems within organizations and an accelerant of careers.

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