Program Description

The Six Sigma White Belt training provides the basic knowledge of Six Sigma Concepts. Furthermore, this training gives students bigger confidence when they pursue higher Lean Six Sigma belts by providing the basic knowledge needed to relate to the discussion.

Who Should Attend:

Six Sigma White Belt is still an essential training for professionals. It is highly recommended starter training for anyone who is:

  • Unsure if Six Sigma is for them,
  • No background in Six Sigma or process improvement, 
  • Wants to upskill their critical thinking, and
  • Interested in Lean Six Sigma or pursuing a career in the said discipline.

Course curriculum

    1. Master Black Belt Introduction

    2. Background Information

    3. Call Me Maybe Characters

    1. Pain Points

    2. The Problem with Performance

    3. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    4. Project Buy-in

    5. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    6. Meeting with the Executives

    7. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    8. Discussion with MBB

    9. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    10. Project Charter Development

    11. ⚙ Tool Tip

    12. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    13. Setting the Stage

    1. The Importance of Baselining the Process

    2. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    3. Measuring the Current Performance

    4. Walking the Process

    5. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    6. Operations Visit 1

    7. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    8. Operations Visit 2

    9. Problem with Stakeholder

    10. Operations Visit 3

    11. Summing up the Visit

    12. Summing up the Visit Additional Observation

    13. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    1. Process Approach

    2. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    3. Dealing with the Causes

    4. ⚙ Tool Tip

    5. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    6. Managing Stakeholder Expectations

    7. The Importance of Data in Six Sigma

    8. ⚙ Tool Tip

    9. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    1. Identify, Prioritize and Implement Solutions

    2. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    3. Managing Stakeholder

    1. Process Control Mechanism

    2. ⚙ Tool Tip

    3. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    4. Lessons Learned

    5. 💡 Knowledge Check!

    6. Project Close-out

    7. 💡 Knowledge Check!

About this course

  • Free
  • 52 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is there a Six Sigma Certifying Body?

    There is no “one” certifying body in Six Sigma and here are the 3 important points regarding this: (1) Even the pioneer companies (GE and Motorola) that used Six Sigma will not say or claim there is a body that certified their employees. (2) American Society for Quality (ASQ), the globally-known Six Sigma Society and who has sought-after Six Sigma Certified Professionals in their circle, NEVER claimed that they are a certifying body. (3) The co-creator of Six Sigma Dr. Mikel J. Harry, together with Welch, never created one or mentioned creating a Certifying Body. The one who certifies the students taking Six Sigma Training is the Master Black Belt (MBB); hence it is important you check the name of the MBB and where they get their MBB Certification.

  • Is Six Sigma applicable to the Manufacturing industry only?

    Although Six Sigma started in the Manufacturing Industry, it is now widely used across all industries. There are a lot of projects and studies as proof.

  • Are you an ASQ Training Partner in the Philippines?

    There is NO ASQ Training Partner yet in the Philippines. To be an ASQ Training Partner, the TRAINER (of the training provider) must comply with some requirements. One of the major requirements is to have at least 1 ASQ Certified Trainer. You can verify if an institution claiming to be ASQ Training partner is correct using this ASQ DIRECTORY:

  • Why do I need to complete a project to get Certified?

    You are required to complete an ACTUAL GREEN/ Black Belt project (NOT a case study or feasible study) to be Certified in Green or Black Belt. Organizations and Hiring Managers are looking for leaders who can run company process improvement projects. Your project will support your credentials. The line of questioning is not about "concepts," but what and how your project was completed. It will also differentiate you from other competitors and increase your market value.

  • Do I need to take the Yellow Belt training to take higher belts like Green or Black Belts?

    There is a hierarchy in Lean Six Sigma, but it doesn’t mean you must take the lower belts first to take Green or Black Belt. It is an advantage to take the Yellow Belt first as foundation, but it is not a requirement. You can take a higher belt as your first formal Six Sigma training.