November 24, 2021

Are you aspiring to accelerate your career using proven competencies?

Are you a person who always wants to improve yourself?

Do you aim to bring significant change and exceed the company's Performance?

You came to the right track by reading this article! This article shows you the blueprint of a successful Lean Six Sigma Career and Exceed your Performance.

DivergenZ Lean Six Sigma Career Blueprint is designed to lay the groundwork for being the new breed of Lean Six Sigma professionals. The blueprint is for any company or any professional who:

  • Aspires to make their company achieve breakthrough Performance,

  • spires to make a difference in their organization but doesn't know where to start, and

  • Aspires to accelerate their career with the right mindset and technical skills.

DivergenZ Lean Six Sigma Career Blueprint

The blueprint starts with the right mindset, followed by a reliable toolset, and then a working skillset - all aimed at helping you exceed Performance wherever you go!
DivergenZ Lean Six Sigma Career Blueprint

The Right Mindset

A successful Lean Six Sigma career starts with the right mindset in place. It's important to have goals in place and writing to ensure commitment for the student and the coach. The right Lean Six Sigma mindset feature of the career blueprint helps professionals understand the dynamics of the relationships within each project he/she will undertake.

A Working Skillset

It's not enough to only have the tools; you must have the right skills to put those tools into use! This is where a project navigator comes in together with coaching and mentoring sessions. You must also consider who will be your coach or mentor as you navigate your way through your Lean Six Sigma project. In the discipline of Lean Six Sigma, your best bet to be your coach would be real-life Black Belts and Master Black Belts (who are the only ones who can certify individuals in Lean Six Sigma). Look for BBs and MBBs who practice their skills and knowledge in their daily lives.

Exceed Performance

Finally, we come to the last stage of the Lean Six Sigma Career Blueprint: where you will Exceed Performance through Lean Six Sigma Career Development and become a member of a new breed of Lean Six Sigma professionals. This is where your project completion takes place, and your career is accelerated to where it should be. Through the help of BBs and MBBs, your Lean Six Sigma career has started to take off the ground.

Ready to take your career to the next level?

Start your journey with us and follow a proven Lean Six Sigma Career Blueprint.